Now who thought one could have such a big space at the Kumasi Cultural Centre for an eatery and place of comfort? I mean I never thought of but it is here today.

A great place to hang out with family and friends. With a very traditional setting and a large fish pond, one does not only enjoy the ambience but has the liberty to point to which catfish they prefer grilled for them. Yes, the “point and kill” experience.

Unlike many other places with items overpriced, you don’t need so much money to have a great moment with family and friends out there at Ike’s Cafe & Grill located right inside the Kumasi Cultural Centre.

Again, we will recommend this place to the very responsible young adult of family which prefers a very cool place to hangout. The kids are not left out as they are catered for as well.

Security is also top notch.

Remember, they’ve got a number of TV screens all over so you could catch a glimpse of the latest EPL or Champions League.